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“Put Em Up Cowboys” Window Decal

“Put Em Up Cowboys” Window Decal

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-Large Window Decal

Here are some steps for applying car decals:

  1. Clean the surface
    Remove any dust, dirt, or residue from previous stickers. Make sure the surface is dry to avoid smearing.
  2. Determine placement
  3. Remove backing
    Peel the sticker from its backing paper, starting with one-third of the backing.
  4. Apply the sticker
    Apply the sticker from the center outward, moving slowly and sealing the vinyl to the car little by little.
  5. Press it into place
    Firmly press the sticker into place.
  6. Smooth out air bubbles
    Use your finger or thumb to smooth out any air bubbles. Keep the decal pulled tight as you apply to prevent bubbles and wrinkles.
  7. Remove application tape
    Gently pull the tape downward. If any part of the decal starts to come up away from the surface, rub it back down onto the surface while the tape is still intact and press firmly, then proceed to remove the tape.
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